Tom – Pastry Chef, “Food Glorious Food”

“A good physical and mental reminder to be in the proper posture while I move around the kitchen. When I am not wearing it at work I catch myself more often correcting my posture.”


Barbara – Avid Gardener

“After one week of wearing, my lower back pain decreased and as I continue to use it I find my posture improved. If not wearing the ActivAided I am still reminded of keeping my shoulders back and standing in a better posture.”


Carmella – Just like you!

“It really helped my back a great deal. I have been waking up pain free for a while now which is a great relief.”


Christina – High School Basketball Player

“It decreased the pain on the car ride home, the day I received it.”


Greg – Therapeutic and Sports Massage Therapist

“Got my unit, got fitted and immediately felt posture correction along with lower back support and pressure relief” “As a massage therapist I would recommend this to my clients, definitely, because it helps to take out some of that pain that they experience just from their poor posture. Not only at work, but just at home sitting back, I just can’t say enough about it at this point because I have seen a lot of big benefits from it.”


Dr. Brad Klueber – Chiropractor and ART Specialist

“The people that I’ve recommended it to have been the people with the chronic low back  pain.”


Kamden – Ironman Triathlete and Certified Coach

“I have had the system for over a month now, and I have not had any back issues since I started wearing it, and I haven’t changed anything else in my routine… I have very little pain anymore… I use the system preventatively and it works awesome.”



Posture Training Apparel to Eliminate Back Pain and Restore Proper Biomechanics