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Getting Started with ActivAided

Your new ActivAided posture training shirt corrects posture and body mechanics. Its four key components offer targeted tactile cues to help you identify where your posture is off and how to correct it. Its flexible design moves with you for unrestricted support throughout your everyday activities.

Over time, ActivAided’s continuous reminders will retrain your muscle memory. This will break your bad posture habits, and great new habits will be learned in their place. You will be able to live pain free naturally!

Custom Mold the Back Panel

Start by custom molding the Back Panel. Custom molding is required for proper function and ensures you receive the support you need. If you need to, the panel can be molded multiple times.

Use necessary precautions for operating an oven. TIP: It is best to wear your ActivAided shirt during molding because the Velcro strips can snag regular attire.

Preheat oven to 225F.


Do not use a microwave oven

Detach the Lumbar Belt from the Back Panel and set it aside.

Heat the panel until pliable. About 5 minutes.

Once pliable, remove from oven and attach it to the Lumbar Belt as shown here.


Only use this configuration during molding

Have a friend place the Back Panel in the small of your back.


See diagram below to help locate the small of your back

Wrap the Lumbar Belt around to the front and secure.

Stand with proper posture for 5 minutes. Once cool, the panel will keep its new curve.

Reattach the Lumbar Belt to the cooled Back Panel as shown here.


This is the correct configuration for normal wear

Identify Anatomical Markers

The Small of Your Back

The small of your back is the natural concave curve (it rounds in towards your belly button) that is just above your tailbone. If you have dimples on your lower back or know where your SI Joint is, it is just above those as well.


The Back Panel will rest here while molding and during normal wear.

The Top of Your Hips

Gently press into your sides and the top of your hips will act as a shelf you can rest your hands on.


When the Back Panel is in the small of your back, the top of the Lumbar Belt should align with the top of your hips.

Get to Know Your ActivAided Posture Training Shirt

ActivAided is made up of 4 Key Components that work together to correctly align the entire spine. With six points of customization, you are sure to get tailored support for all your daily activities.

Shoulder Straps

promote proper shoulder positioning

 Core Activation Straps

activate the core, supporting and stabilizing the spine

Get to Know Your RecoveryAid Posture Shirt

Back Positioning Panel

prevents lumbar hyperextension and rounding

Lumbar Belt

relieves intervertebral pressure for instant relief

Put ActivAided On

Detach all straps from the front Velcro loop fabric patch.


Attach any loose straps to the back loop fabric patch for easier donning

Put the shirt on.

Pull the shirt down and make any adjustments for aesthetics, comfort, and fit.


This is a good time to finesse the shirt so the shoulders lay flat and smooth

Wrap the Core Activation Straps around to the front and attach them just above your belly button.


These should offer slight compression without restricting motion or breath

Attach the Lumbar Belt to the custom molded Back Panel as shown here.


Refer to the custom molding instructions if your Back Panel is flat

Have a friend place the Back Panel in the small of your back.


Once positioned correctly, the Back Panel can remain attached to the shirt during donning and doffing

Wrap the Lumbar Belt around your hips and adjust to comfort.


The top of the Lumbar Belt should align with the top of your hips

Have a friend adjust the Shoulder Straps to a tension and angle that feels the best for you.


Once positioned correctly, the Shoulder Straps can remain attached to the shirt

Introduce ActivAided to Your Life

ActivAided is going to change how you sit and stand. If you do too much too soon, you may feel sore. Ease your body into the change by building up your tolerance as it feels right. The following schedule can be your loose guide:

Day 1

1 Hr

Day 2

2 Hrs

Day 3

3 Hrs

Day 4

4 Hrs

Day 5

4-5 Hrs

Day 6

4-6 Hrs

Day 7

4-7 Hrs

4-8 Hours Every Day for 2-3 Months

Every Day-31

Once you are acclimated to wearing ActivAided, it is important to be consistent. We generally recommend that you wear ActivAided 4-8 hours for some portion of every day. Consistency is an important aspect of forming good postural habits.

Then after 2-3 months of consistent wear, users typically begin to notice they can maintain proper posture on their own. As this happens for you, gradually reduce usage and only wear your ActivAided posture training shirt as needed to prevent the onset of pain.

Incorporate ActivAided Into Your Daily Routine

Whether you show it off or wear it discreetly under your clothes, the ActivAided posture training shirt can be worn during the times or activities that you experience the most pain. You determine when is right for you!
Sitting and Standing While static for extended periods, ActivAided spares the spine from the excess stress caused by poor posture.
Before Activity ActivAided increases awareness and prepares the body to avoid the potentially harmful motion patterns associated with activity.
During Activity ActivAided guides pain-free movement and teaches good technique.
Post-Activity After exercise your muscles are fatigued and vulnerable. ActivAided assists in recuperation and protects the back from poor posture.


Although safe, no additional benefit will be seen if worn while sleeping.

Keep Your RecoveryAid Clean

RecoveryAid is machine washable, but do not use fabric softener. Detach the Back Positioning Panel from the shirt. Attach all Velcro ends to prevent lint build up. Wash in cold water. Let air dry. Wash the Back Positioning Panel by hand with soap and water. Let air dry.


Rigid panels must be removed before washing

Useful Tips and Troubleshooting

Helpful Stitch Lines

Once set up correctly, the stitch lines on the back Velcro loop fabric patch can help guide the placement of components.


Remember to check placement before removing components for washing

Underarm Discomfort

If you are experiencing underarm discomfort, try attaching the Shoulder Straps lower and closer to the edge on the back loop fabric patch, or directly to the Back Panel.

"Riding Up"

To counteract “Riding Up,” try tucking the shirt in while leaving the Lumbar Belt on the outside of your pants. We also recommend that you attach the Shoulder Straps to the back loop fabric patch and NOT to the Back Panel.

If you continue to experience problems, contact us and ask about adding Silicone Stays.