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ActivAided Sizing Guide

ActivAided was designed with aesthetics and function in mind. There are distinct women’s and men’s posture brace styles and sizes to be flattering and supportive! Select your size based on your natural waist measurement. If you fall between sizes, size up or down based on your preference for tight vs loose clothing. Note: In some cases, selecting the style of the opposite gender is preferred. This can be especially true for larger women and smaller men. The differences between the genders is slight. In addition to the apparent: the Male version has a higher neckline and wider straps, in general, the Male products are also longer and the Female products have less open arm holes to help cover bras. As such, there is nothing wrong with selecting the opposite gender if you prefer any of those features.


24-29″ Waist


29-34″ Waist


34-40″ Waist


40-46″ Waist


46-53″ Waist

TIP: Our sizing chart is based on the natural waist. Your natural waist is located about an inch above your belly button.

Taking a Natural Waist Measurement