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ActivAided Sizing Guide

ActivAided was designed with aesthetics and function in mind. There are distinct women’s and men’s posture brace styles and sizes to be flattering and supportive! Find your gender, then select your size based on your height and natural waist measurements. If you fall between sizes, size up or down based on your preference for tight vs loose clothing. TIP: Our sizing chart is based on the natural waist; measure this area for the most accurate result. Your natural waist is located about an inch above your belly button.

Male Sizing Chart

RecoveryAid Mens Posture Brace Sizing Guide

Male ActivAided Shirt Dimensions

RecoveryAid Mens Posture Brace Product Dimensions

Female Sizing Chart

RecoveryAid Womens Posture Brace Sizing Guide

Female ActivAided Shirt Dimensions

RecoveryAid Womens Posture Brace Product Dimensions

Taking a Natural Waist Measurement

Custom Sizing

If your measurements do not fall within the size chart, please contact us about ordering a custom women’s or men’s posture brace product.