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ActivAided Rx

Available by prescription, ActivAided Rx models build on the pain-relieving ActivAided Elite design with additional rigid components. The result is a clinically effective posture shirt covered by insurance. The rigid panels are modular and adapt to your specific treatment needs. Not only will ActivAided Rx adapt to your current phase of treatment and grow with you to the next, but it will likely get you there sooner, as it reminds you to maintain the progress you are making during your treatment in between appointments as well! Plus, all ActivAided Rx models are approved for standardized DME medical billing. Please visit our Insurance Coverage page to learn more about the billing process.

The Benefits of Modular Support

At the core of every ActivAided Rx is the same posture training shirt as our revolutionary ActivAided Elite product. Then, ActivAided Rx also comes with additional rigid components that can be easily added or removed at home. Since any rigidity within braces can restrict motion and lead to muscle dependency, it is important to find the right balance between necessary support and unnecessary harm. Most often the trick is to stop using the rigid components once your body is capable of supporting itself. With ActivAided Rx, your healthcare provider will be able to set up a protocol that is tailored to your needs. They may opt for you to use the rigid panels for only a set amount of time each day, wean you off them after your initial phase of treatment, or perhaps decide you don’t need them at all.  Ultimately the goal will be to get you down to the ActivAided core components, allowing you to reap all the benefits of strength and muscle conditioning.


Any physician can prescribe ActivAided Rx. To help you start the conversation, print out both sides of our Letter of Medical Necessity and bring it with you to your next appointment. The product information on the back with help any prescriber not already familiar with RecoveryAid understand the product, and the front will help them start the billing process. You will also want to call your insurance provider to determine your coverage for approved DME equipment. Visit our Insurance Coverage page to learn more about medical billing.

Health Care Providers:

ActivAided is a revolutionary new treatment option for your active patients with chronic back pain. It works with the body to train proper postural habits and improve biomechanics with remarkable results. Plus, its low-profile and comfortable design significantly improves patient compliance.

Whether you are a licensed DME distributor, or you prefer to work with one of our affiliates, it is easy to begin prescribing ActivAided for your patients. Use our Letter of Medical Necessity to help start the billing process with any DME. ActivAided Rx products are PDAC approved for insurance billing, making it an effective posture shirt covered by insurance.

Pride yourself on being business savvy? Learn more about becoming an ActivAffiliate on our Affiliate Opportunities page.

Common Diagnoses

All models of ActivAided, prescription or not, are great treatment supplements to a variety of diagnoses, conditions, or chronic pain. The following list represents some of the more common conditions health care providers prescribe ActivAided for:

  • Ankylosing Spondylitis
  • Disc Degeneration
  • Disc Displacement
  • Dorsalgia
  • Dorsopathies
  • Low Back Pain
  • Pain in Thoracic Spine
  • Spinal Stenosis
  • Spondylolisthesis
  • Spondylolysis
  • Spondylosis
  • Sprain of Back NOS

ActivAided Rx Models

We offer two prescription models of ActivAided Rx to suit a variety of diagnoses and billing preferences. Your physician and/or DME supplier (the company that will fill your prescription and bill insurance for you) will determine which model is best suited for your condition.

RecoveryAid Rx-637 | Posture Shirt Covered by Insurance | HCPCS L0637 Back Brace

ActivAided Rx-637

A LSO (Lumbar-Sacral Orthosis). Four optional panels provide abdominal compression as well as coronal and sagittal control for increased spinal stability. A large posterior panel provides thoracolumbar restriction and sagittal-coronal control. An anterior panel provides coronal control. Two lateral panels offer sagittal control.

PDAC Approved for HCPCS L0637 or L0650
Download PDAC Verification Letter

RecoveryAid Rx-631 | Posture Shirt Covered by Insurance | HCPCS L0631 Back Brace

ActivAided Rx-631

A LSO (Lumbar-Sacral Orthosis). Two optional panels provide abdominal compression and coronal control. A large posterior panel provides thoracolumbar restriction and sagittal-coronal control. An anterior panel provides coronal control.

PDAC Approved for HCPCS L0631 or L0648
Download PDAC Verification Letter