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ActivAided Posture Training Device

A posture training shirt, ActivAided relieves back pain by correcting the daily imbalances that have been causing your pain. And by training, not forcing, ActivAided posture shirts permanently correct these posture imbalances with muscle memory conditioning.

ActivAdapt Technology

Correct posture is not a static pose. Correct posture is understanding your body and efficiently moving through everyday life. Our exclusive ActivAdapt Technology teaches body awareness and trains healthy motions, almost like having a physical therapist always at your side. Throughout all your favorite activities, be consistently reminded to correct your posture and learn exactly how to do it. This revolutionary approach, incorporated into easy-to-wear posture shirts, permanently fixes posture related back pain by reconditioning muscle memory to function optimally.

Dynamic Posture Correction

ActivAided incorporates smart technology that is simple to understand and use. Targeted elastic straps deliver dynamic posture correcting cues and trigger muscle activation. The more the straps are pulled, the more resistance they apply. This means the more your body is out of balance, the more you will feel the cues and be reminded to correct your posture. Best of all, correct anatomical placement is foolproof. It’s as easy as putting on a shirt.

Muscle Memory Conditioning

You’ll immediately see and feel an improvement when you first put the shirt ON, but the real ActivAided Advantage is seen when you take it OFF. Break bad habits, identify optimized biomechanics, and make bioefficient habits the new normal with ActivAided Posture Training. Like a wearable physical therapist, it will guide correct motions and teach great habits for long-lasting pain relief and posture correction.

Smart Fit Design

ActivAided adapts to every aspect of you: your body, your life, and your schedule. You control the amount of support with a modular design and adjustable tensions. You can move free with its motion activated proprioception, so as to not disrupt any of your favorite activities, and its sleek design can be worn discreetly under clothing throughout your entire day.

Posture Shirts with 4 Functional Components

ActivAided is a comprehensive approach to posture correction with four dynamic components that support the entire spine. This crucial aspect of posture training ensures that your body will begin to learn correct positioning and healthy motions as soon as you put it on. Single focus devices such as traditional posture shirts, shoulder supports, or lumbar belts have a tendency to create new problems. With ActivAided, your body won’t overcompensate for a correction in one area by displacing another. Fix posture and retrain correct biomechanics for a pain-free life!

RecoveryAid has 4 Key Components to Fix Posture Related Back Pain

Shoulder Straps

Positioned between layers of fabric, two elastic straps promote anatomically favorable shoulder positioning.  Moveable ends are easily adjusted for optimal support and comfort.

RecoveryAid has 4 Key Components to Fix Posture Related Back Pain

Core Activation Straps

Our bodies already come equipped with the best support for our spine: our muscles. ActivAided incorporates two sets of elastic straps that engage the stabilizing core muscles and prime the body for motion.

Postural Support Training Relieves Posture Related Back Pain

Back Positioning Panel

A foam-lined and semi-flexible thermoplastic, the Back Positioning Panel is molded to your specific lumbar curve for customized support that prevents lumbar hyperextension and rounding.

RecoveryAid has 4 Key Components to Fix Posture Related Back Pain

Lumbar Belt

Providing compression and support, the Lumbar Belt stabilizes the lower back and relieves intervertebral pressure for instant pain relief. The modular design allows you to put it exactly where you need it.

Effective Back Pain Solution

ActivAided Orthotics conducted a trial in which 45 participants were given our Posture Training Shirt and followed over a 12-week period. User ages ranged from 15 to 69, and some of the users had been previously diagnosed with a variety of disorders, including injuries to the vertebral body, spinal stenosis, and chronic muscle irritation. Visit our Beta Test Results page for the complete results.

91% Observe Improved Posture

When asked to rank ActivAided’s impact on their posture, 91.43% of users report an improvement with more “greatly improved” responses than all other options combined!

89% Experience Back Pain Relief

Throughout treatment, ActivAided users continually see an improvement in their back pain with the biggest improvements felt between 2 and 4 weeks of use.

93% Report Improved Quality of Life

ActivAided increases mobility and enables motions previously limited due to the effects of poor biomechanics, getting users back to the activities they love!

Easy Incorporation and Use

ActivAided is easily worn during all your favorite activities. It is a great back brace for work, during exercise, and during downtime at home. Whether you show it off or wear it discreetly under your clothes, it’s best worn during the times or activities that you experience the most pain. No matter when you choose to use it, ActivAided will guide you to best perform the activity at hand.

To properly recondition your muscle memory, and develop correct posture habits, we generally recommend 4-8 hours of wear for some portion of every day. Then after 2-3 months of consistent wear, users typically begin to notice they can maintain proper posture on their own. As this happens for you, you can gradually reduce usage and only wear ActivAided as needed to prevent the onset of pain. Check out the Getting Started with ActivAided page for detailed instructions on incorporation, use, and cleaning. It’s machine washable!

Rx Models Qualify for Insurance Reimbursement

Prescription models of ActivAided generally qualify for insurance reimbursement with a valid prescription and corresponding diagnosis. These models begin with the same ActivAided Elite product that is available online, and then build on it with additional rigid panels. Since any rigid panels can restrict motion and lead to muscle dependency, these panels are modular and best used with the guidance of your health care provider. For more information on our prescription models, you can visit the ActivAided Rx and Insurance Coverage pages.

Please note that ActivAided Elite is not typically approved for insurance reimbursement. Please contact your physician for a ActivAided Rx prescription to be filled by your local DME distributor.