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ActivAdapt Technology

Correct posture is not a static pose. Correct posture is understanding your body and efficiently moving through everyday life. Understanding this principle, ActivAided products are as close to wearable physical therapists that fiber and thread can get. They respond to your movements, offering unprecedented postural support training. Our exclusive ActivAdapt Technology is centered on three main goals: to guide correct posture throughout all your favorite activities, to develop correct posture habits for lasting pain relief, and to be easy to use. It is smart technology that is also easy to understand. 

Dynamic Postural Support Training

Using targeted elastic strapping, our products guide healthy motion by delivering dynamic tactile cues. The more the straps are pulled, the more you will feel the resistance and be reminded to improve your posture. You’ll learn where your posture is off, where it is correct, and where you can make alignment adjustments to best perform the activity at hand.

Muscle Memory Conditioning

You’ll immediately see and feel an improvement when you first put our products ON, but the real ActivAided Advantage is seen when you take our products OFF. Break bad habits ingrained by years of poor posture, identify optimized biomechanics, and reinstate bioefficient habits as the new normal with our muscle memory conditioning.

Smart Fit Design

We design with you in mind: your body, your life, and your schedule. Our products are adjustable for customized support, promote motion so as to not disrupt any of your favorite activities, and can be discreetly worn under regular clothing.

ActivAided Design Commitment

First and foremost, we design products that are effective. The medical expertise of our co-founders, a practicing physician and a biomedical engineer, is followed by rigorous user testing. This ensures ActivAided products are effective rehabilitative tools for a variety of users. They never do the work for your body, but rather cue muscle activation and guide proper form. You will be using your own muscles and getting stronger each time you put an ActivAided product on. Then once we are confident we have a design that heals, we never stop making it as easy to use, and comfortable, as possible.

ActivAided Products Offer Unprecedented Postural Support Training

Learn more about the specific technology within each of our product lines. You can even sign up to be a beta tester for the newest addition to the ActivAided line up!

Train Healthy Posture and Alignment with our RecoveryAid Elite Posture Training Shirt

ActivAided Elite

A posture and alignment training shirt that relieves back pain by restoring proper biomechanics.

Train Healthy Posture and Alignment with our RecoveryAid Rx Posture Training Brace

ActivAided Rx

Available by prescription, ActivAided Rx is covered by most health insurances.

Train Healthy Foot and Ankle Posture and Alignment

New Product Development

We’re working on a foot-ankle flexion device to assist with Achilles tendinopathy.