You’re not alone. An approximate 80% of the population will have back pain at one time or another. In America, over 26 million suffer from frequent back pain. It can range from soreness that will go away in a few hours, to a chronic condition that can make everyday tasks near impossible.  Since back pain is most often triggered by awkward posture during daily activities, the key to improving and avoiding back pain is proper body mechanics.

Our bodies were made to function in certain ways. When we repeatedly perform with improper technique, stress and damage accumulate on the back, causing pain.

ActivAided’s posture training shirt teaches and conditions the body to maintain good posture and spine alignment throughout daily activities. This solution, both rehabilitative and preventative, does not interfere with your lifestyle, and actually betters the body while it is worn.


The best prevention for back pain is to understand how your body was made to move, then to pay attention and ensure you’re keeping proper body alignment. 


Be prompt. Don’t ignore your body. If you are in pain, it is best to address the problem immediately… not after you finish your routine. Continued use of an injured back can make the problem worse.

Learn simple tricks for relief.