One of the distinguishing characteristics of our posture-training shirt is the way it hugs the user’s body. While many traditional spine braces are made of hard components that force your body into the “ideal” posture, ActivAided comfortably, naturally trains your body into better posture–equipped with scapular correction straps, an abdominal engagement system, and a lumbar stabilization belt, the shirt gently activates your core, relieves pressure on the spine, and encourages good posture.

And that’s one of the ways ActivAided differs from traditional back braces–compression. Soft components that fit your body tightly make for a more comfortable, natural recovery process and can result in numerous health benefits for the wearer.

In one study, a group of cyclists aged over 60 displayed significantly less lactic acid build-up after wearing compression garments, resulting in reduced muscle pain after exercising. Another showed that runners could run 4 percent longer at around a 2 percent increase in pace when wearing compression gear. This is because compression acts as a circulatory pump, helping blood navigate your veins more efficiently during and after exercise.

It’s no surprise that compression can do great things for the spine as well. According to Certified Athletic Trainer Linda LaRue, compression also helps provide warmth–encouraging the secretion of synovial fluid, which lubricates the joints. It can also help manage inflammation, a common symptom of chronic back issues like spondylolysis, sciatica, and degenerative disc disease.

And because compression has such broad, wide-reaching effects, both serious and casual athletes can benefit from the technology–allowing you to exercise more intensely for a longer period of time while also minimizing the metabolic waste that can cause discomfort after a long workout. Finally, because Activaided and other compression products fit your body so snugly, you can still reap the benefits without disrupting your regular daily tasks, even wearing it underneath your regular attire. The fit might be snug, but ActivAided fits into your lifestyle with ease.

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