Let’s take a look at some numbers: there are 168 hours in a week, and even if you’re one of the few athletes who exercises one hour a day, you’re still spending less than five percent of your time improving your fitness.

When you look at it this way, it’s easy to see exercise as a waste of time. But did you know that just a few minutes of activity a day can pay dividends throughout every other hour of the day and night? That’s right: in addition to benefitting your physical fitness, a little exercise can go a long way to improve your focus, brainpower, and mood.

Get To Work

Busy adults often complain of being stretched so thin with work and family life that they can’t possibly find time to exercise. However, studies have shown that just a short period of moderate exercise can improve cognition and information processing, making you more productive at work. That the same principle applies to students, too! Research has found that kids who exercise regularly perform better in school.

Catch Some ZZZ’s

If increased brainpower isn’t enough to convince you, then how about sleeping better? You probably know all about the benefits of good sleep habits, and you probably also know that most of us don’t get enough. But did you know that exercise has been shown to lead to better sleep in some people? The evidence is pretty convincing, but in case you need more, listen to this: good exercise habits can be an effective part of treatment for and possibly reduce the risk of depression and anxiety disorders, helping many individuals maintain a healthy and productive lifestyle.

Between work, family, and other hobbies, it’s a challenge to find the time and energy to work out. Just remember that even a little goes a long way. Exercise isn’t just a boon for your sleek physique; this whole time it’s been strengthening your brains and brawn!