Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday may be over, but that doesn’t mean holiday shopping has ended. There is still time to find the perfect gifts for those in your life. What better way to keep fitness in mind this holiday season than by stocking up on fitness gadget gifts this holiday season? The tech and fitness industries have stepped up their game since those “cool” pedometers your mom used to wear on her belt buckle first came out. Here are some of our favorite gifts this season.


Let’s start with something simple that most people have heard of. Fitbit has a variety of trackers for everyday, active, and performance fitness levels. These everyday fitness trackers are best for those who are trying to keep track of their daily activities, including steps taken, stairs climbed, and even sleep patterns. Under the Fitbit brand, you have the Zip, One, Flex, and Charge, each with their own advantages depending on your activity level. The Charge HR, in the active fitness level products, records your heart rate so that you may maintain a certain level of exertion. Finally, the Surge provides GPS tracking as well as the features found in the other wristbands. Fitbit is not the only one to make a fitness tracking bracelet/watch. Nike, Jawbone, and Garmin have their own fitness tracking products.


Runtastic also makes their own fitness and sleep trackers that connect directly with your phone app. This waterproof fitness bracelet allows you to set and reach your own goals while tracking your steps, sleep patterns, and calories burned.

OESH Shoes

OESH Shoes are built to form fit your feet and respond to your body’s movement. Designed for and by women, these shoes decrease the amount of weight put onto the joints of your lower extremities because the shoe molds precisely to your foot. They’re the perfect gift for someone who loves to work out but has frequent knee or ankle pain.


Trace: The Action Sports Tracker is a cool new gadget that tracks your performance, speed, distance and turns in the air, on the water, and on snow. Once attached to your surfboard, skis, or snowboard, Trace can map waves and slopes, count how many waves or slopes you’ve done, track your speed, count calories you burned, all while filming you. This is a great gift for your wild friend who can pull all sorts of crazy tricks — or, the friend who’s still trying to pull off their first 360!

Smart Body Analyzer

The Smart Body Analyzer is a new type of scale that contains all the information you need on its screen. It measures weight, BMI, heart rate, and air quality. It will also transfer this data to your phone for you, so that you can have easy access to it wherever you are. This is the perfect gift for those who are trying to get into shape and self-monitor their activity.


Did you know that athletes like Troy Polamalu and Hope Solo use HyperIce to recover after practices and games? Your friends and family can be just like them when you get them one of HyperIce’s many products. Who wants to spend all their time in the trainer’s office waiting for a pack of ice to be taped on when they can just use HyperIce? They make recovery products for your shoulders, arms, knees, back, and ankles that allow you to remain active and retain movement while your body is being iced. They also make the Vyper, a high-tech recovery roller that uses pressure and vibration to improve the body’s overall performance.

Pure Fix Cycles

Pure Fix Cycles has come out with its Glow Series bikes and they are pretty much the coolest thing since lava lamps. These five different bicycles actually glow in the dark as you ride. Forget needing to wear a headlamp or an embarrassing bright orange vest while you ride home from work in the dark. These bikes glow for you and they are impossible to miss on the side of the road. Not only are they super cool, they also promote safety while riding which is even better. We want one ourselves!