Between the Halloween candy and pumpkin-spiced-everything, October can be a tough month to stay fit. But not everything this month has to be out to spoil your healthy fall — in fact, October is National Spinal Health Month! So put down your latte and caramel apple, and check out some of our favorite spinal health tips.

Maintain a Healthy Bodyweight

It’s no secret that your weight has health implications, but did you know that shedding a few pounds could help your back too? Overweight individuals are at greater risk of suffering from low back pain than their healthy-weight counterparts, and obese individuals have an even greater risk. This means that even small, incremental weight loss could ease back pain. So enjoy your fall treats, but try to maintain a balanced diet. Your back will thank you.

Stay Loose

We’ve all experienced achy tightness in our muscles following strenuous activity. Without a doubt, exercise is a healthy habit, but not taking time to loosen up can put extra tension on your spine. Doing simple stretches for your neck and back can pay dividends. You also might want to stay away from the haunted house: stress could be putting painful pressure on your spine as well!

Fix Your Posture

You’ve probably seen the viral headlines about how sitting will kill you faster than the boogeyman. While many of these articles are worded  to get clicks, sedentary lifestyles are hazardous to your health. Some of the best advice, though, can be to fix your posture. Poor posture could also be the root of your back pain, so stand tall with your shoulders back, and sit symmetrically with your chin level. Postural habits can last a lifetime, so consider a posture corrector if you struggle to maintain your posture throughout the day. See how ActivAided works to correct posture and biomechanics.

Sleep Right, Sleep Tight

When it comes to spinal health, don’t let the horror movies keep you up at night: quality, comfortable sleep can be key to maintaining a healthy back. The American Chiropractic Association suggests elevating your knees with a pillow, or sleeping on your side to help maintain your back’s natural curvature. Finding a comfortable, high-quality mattress is beneficial, too, as a saggy surface can contort your back into unnatural positions.
Your spine is an extremely important part of your body to keep healthy, and the prevalence of low back pain can be monstrous. But don’t be afraid: healthy habits can keep you safe and strong for years to come!