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Tag - Dr. Chimes

Getting to Know the Lumbar Spine

by Dr. Gary Chimes

Understanding the Spine The lumbar spine is designed as a series of cushioning and gaskets. A lot of people incorrectly refer to the disc as a shock absorber, and sometimes they’ll call it a jelly donut, but that’s not really how it works. It’s really a fibrous outside, that’s similar in structure to a Chinese finger trap, that allows for motion with a firm gel on the inside. By having this gel surrounded by this fibrous outside, it allows for…

Back Pain and How Posture Training Can Help

by Dr. Gary Chimes

Low back pain is the second most common reason that people go to see physicians and it is a natural consequence of being a human. One of the things that happens over time is that people get into postural habits that can lead to poor biomechanics. Those poor biomechanics are what then lead to structural deficits. Traditionally, when we focus on back pain, one concept people like to focus on is what the pain generator is; what structure in the back…

The Genesis of ActivAided

by Dr. Gary Chimes

The genesis of the ActivAided brace was an opportunity where I was working with some engineer students from Carnegie Mellon. It was a really great, energetic group of students, and they were looking at intraoperative devices for people who have spondylolisthesis and spondylolysis. And they were asking about surgical devices and could they design better hardware for surgical fusion. One of the things that I discussed with them is that there are actually a lot of really wonderful fusion devices…