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RecoveryAid Elite is a line of posture training shirts from ActivAided Orthotics. RecoveryAid relieves back pain by correcting the daily imbalances that have been causing your pain. And by training, not forcing, RecoveryAid permanently corrects these posture imbalances with muscle memory conditioning.

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  • ActivAided Elite 2.0

    Debuting several design updates for improved durability and fit, ActivAided Elite 2.0 is the newly released version of our posture shirt that relieves back pain by restoring proper body mechanics. It features our exclusive ActivAdapt Technology, which acts like a wearable physical therapist. ActivAided teaches body awareness, guides healthy motion, and reconditions your muscle memory to develop correct posture habits for long-lasting pain relief.

    • Guides Pain-Free Motion
    • Trains Healthy Posture Habits
    • Cues Muscle Activation
    • Reconditions Muscle Memory
    • Hides Under Clothing
    • Machine Washable

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