ActivAided Elite 2.0

Debuting several design updates for improved durability and fit, ActivAided Elite 2.0 is the newly released version of our posture shirt that relieves back pain by restoring proper body mechanics. It features our exclusive ActivAdapt Technology, which acts like a wearable physical therapist. ActivAided teaches body awareness, guides healthy motion, and reconditions your muscle memory to develop correct posture habits for long-lasting pain relief.


  • Guides Pain-Free Motion
  • Trains Healthy Posture Habits
  • Cues Muscle Activation

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  • Reconditions Muscle Memory
  • Hides Under Clothing
  • Machine Washable


Sizing Guide


A posture training shirt, ActivAided relieves back pain by correcting the daily imbalances that have been causing your pain. And by training, not forcing, our comfortable posture shirt permanently corrects these posture imbalances with muscle memory conditioning.

ActivAdapt Technology

Correct posture is not a static pose. Correct posture is understanding your body and efficiently moving through everyday life. Featuring our exclusive ActivAdapt Technology, ActivAided teaches body awareness and trains healthy motions. It’s almost like having a physical therapist always at your side. Throughout all your favorite activities, ActivAided will be a consistent reminder to correct your posture and it’ll teach you exactly how to do it. Visit our ActivAided Elite Technology page to learn more about our exclusive ActivAdapt Technology. You’ll discover how the ActivAided posture shirt has 4 key components that work together to effectively eliminate back pain!

Easy Incorporation and Use

To properly recondition your muscle memory and develop correct posture habits, we generally recommend that you wear your posture shirt for 4-8 hours of some portion of every day. Then after 2-3 months of consistent wear, users typically begin to notice they can maintain proper posture on their own. As this happens for you, you can gradually reduce usage and only wear ActivAided as needed to prevent the onset of pain. Check out the Getting Started with ActivAided page for detailed instructions on incorporation, use, and cleaning. ActivAided is machine washable!

Proven Effective Posture Shirt

91% Observe Improved Posture
89% Experience Back Pain Relief
85% Develop Continual, Lasting Relief with Fewer Episodes of Pain
93% Report Improved Quality of Life

Weight 2 lbs

Male, Female


Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, XX-Large


Pullover (Pictured), Zip-Up


RecoveryAid was designed with aesthetics and function in mind. There are distinct men’s and women’s styles and sizes to be flattering and supportive. Find your gender, then select your size based on your natural waist measurement. If you fall between sizes, size up or down based on your preference for tight vs loose clothing.


Our sizing chart is based on the natural waist; measure this area for the most accurate result. Your natural waist is located about an inch above your belly button.